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What color were the seats in Peytons car?the comet
What was the style of Haleys hair in season 4?none
Who has dimples?girl
How many boyfriends has Brooke had on the show?up to season 8
In which episode did Jamie get braces?8.08
Which two OTH characters are also on Hellcats?guys
Name the 5 categories you could be placed in in the Pictures of You episode.on the chalkboard
What song did Mia play in Portlandwith a guitar
What song was Haley singing at the beginning of season 7?into a mic
What is Lucas' sisters name?on the boat
Who slapped Chase first at the bar?girls
What was inside a 'Brooke Davis'?shot glass
What was the design on the bottom of Nathan and Haleys pool?none
Who was Jamies first crush?girl
Who sang the song with the lyrics 'Every rose has its thorn just like every night has its dawn just like every cowboy sings a sad sad song.'Miley Cyrus
What did Lucas call Brooke? (Hint: The Girl...)none
Who had a son named Nathan?blonde
Who sang the song with the lyrics 'Things that I forgot at birth.'group
What color bathing suit did Quinn wear in Utah?pretty
What did Haley drink instead of the Organic drink at Brookes bachelorette party?none

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