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Can you name the characters that are responsible for the epigraph in each episode of The Wire?

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Forced Order
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episode nameattributed toepigraph
0101 - The Target...when it's not your turn.
0102 - The DetailYou cannot lose if you do not play.
0103 - The BuysThe king stay the king.
0104 - Old CasesIt's a thin line 'tween heaven and here
0105 - The Pager...a little slow, a little late.
0106 - The Wire...and all the pieces matter.
0107 - LessonsA man must have a code.
0108 - One ArrestCome at the king, you best not miss.
0109 - Game DayMaybe we won.
0110 - The CostAnd then he dropped the bracelets...
0111 - The HuntDope on the damn here.
0112 - Cleaning UpThis is me, yo, right here.
0113 - SentencingAll in the game...
0201 - Ebb TideAin't never gonna be what it was.
0202 - Collateral DamageThey can chew you up, but they gotta spit you out.
0203 - Hot ShotsWhat they need is a union.
0204 - Hard CasesIf I hear the music, I'm gonna dance.
0205 - UndertowThey used to make steel there, no?
0206 - All PrologueIt don't matter that some fool say he different...
0207 - BackwashDon't worry kid. You're still on the clock.
0208 - Duck and CoverHow come they don't fly away?
0209 - Stray RoundsThe world is a smaller place now.
0210 - Storm WarningsIt pays to go with a union card everytime.
0211 - Bad DreamsI need to get clean.
0212 - Port in a StormBusiness. Always business.
0301 - Time After TimeDon't matter how many times you get burnt, you just keep doin the same.
0302 - All Due RespectThere's never been a paper bag.
0303 - Dead SoldiersThe Gods wil not save you.
0304 - AmsterdamWhy you gotta go and **** with the program?
0305 - Straight and TrueI had such high **** hopes for us.
episode nameattributed toepigraph
0306 - HomecomingJust a gangster, I suppose
0307 - Back BurnersConscience do cost.
0308 - Moral MidgetryCrawl, walk and then run.
0309 - Slapstick...while you're waiting for moments that never come.
0310 - ReformationCall it a crisis of leadership.
0311 - Middle GroundWe ain't gotta dream no more, man.
0312 - Mission AccomplishedWe fight on that lie.
0401 - Boys of SummerLambs to the slaughter here.
0402 - Soft EyesI still wake up white in a city that ain't.
0403 - Home RoomsI love the first day, man. Everybody all friendly an ****
0404 - RefugeesNo one wins. One side just loses more slowly.
0405 - AlliancesIf you with us, you with us.
0406 - Margin of ErrorDon't try this at home.
0407 - Unto OthersAw yeah. That golden rule.
0408 - Corner BoysWe got our thing, but it's part of the bigger thing.
0409 - Know Your PlaceMight as well as dump 'em, get another.
0410 - MisgivingsWorld goin' one way, people another.
0411 - A New DayYou play in the dirt, you get dirty.
0412 - That's Got His OwnThat all there is to it?
0413 - Final GradesIf animal trapped call 410-844-6286
0501 - More With LessThe bigger the lie, the more they believe.
0502 - Unconfirmed ReportsThis ain't Aruba, bitch.
0503 - Not for AttributionThey're dead where it doesn't count.
0504 - TransactionBuyer's market out there.
0505 - React QuotesJust 'cause they're in the street doesn't mean they lack opinions.
0506 - The Dickensian AspectIf you have a problem with this, I understand completely.
0507 - TookThey don't teach it in law school.
0508 - ClarificationA lie ain't a side of the story, it's just a lie.
0509 - Late EditionsDeserve got nothin' to do with it.
0510 - -30-...the life of kings

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