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Performers pair off and act out short scenes using a weird objects.Props
Performers sing a song about a topic about a random object in four line stanzasHoedown
Each performer sings a line in a ending each stanza with 'hai-dee-dai-dee-dai'Irish Drinking Song
Participants improv based on topics suggested by the audience.Scenes from a Hat
Performers act out a fake party where the host must guess the odd personalities of his three guests.Party Quirks
Performers act out a scene where each line must be a question.Questions Only
Performers act out a fake TV dating show where the contestants have weird personality traits.Let's Make a Date
Performers describe and perform songs from a fake CD compilation set, mimicking a commercial.Greatest Hits
Performers act out a fake news broadcast with odd personality or character traits.Weird Newscasters
Two performers act out a scene integrating pre-written lines that they draw out of their pocket throughout the scene.Whose Line?
A performer makes up a song about an audience member.Song Styles

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As Ice Cube once said, 'You better Czech yourself before you wzrech yourself'.
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