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QuoteCharacter Name
A class in First Aid? But Holly, I thought we were going to play cards.
And Little Blue Riding Hood and her grandmother lived happily ever after, and she shared the peanut butter sandwiches with everybody else.
I sentence you to no dessert.
Hello. I'm Lady Buzzbee.
I bought a big parsnip and I've made parsnip pie. Now I have to get home before my parsnip jelly boils over. Bye!
Oh too bad Holly. You just went overboard! Better luck next time!
I know my Iggy. He likes to tell tall tales and exaggerations. I get truckloads. Boatloads. Truckloads and boatloads of mail from my Iggy.
I'm sorry I'm late, but I stopped on the way home to get wildflowers, Holly's favorite.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
And now here's Gloria!
Well who wants to dance in a square all day? 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3.
Hello Mrs. McMertree. How is Seymour?
Thank you very much Holly, Gloria, Jacob and the frog?
I'm no frog! I'm a lizard!
Oh Gloria, Gloria. Sydney just wants to be cuddled.
I have to go now Sydney. You behave for Auntie Gloria. Wuf!
Me? Kiss a fish?
Oh look! The tooth fairy likes bluejay stickers!
I don't know what the tooth fairy looks like so I dressed up as a giant tooth. Here's a little present.
Remember how I left my sandwich out on the deck for three days? It had green fuzzies on it.
QuoteCharacter Name
Let's see. It's fuzzy and has a wet spot. It must be a hairy baseball dipped in ice cream!
I can't wait to see those little flowers rising out of the, rising out of the... Aaaagh!
Gloria, your name is Gloria Gladis Gabriella Glinda Gale. Gloria, what a beautiful long name you have!
Spin three times. What do I spin?
One, two, three and point! Oh this game is making me dizzy. Now what?
Oh good 6 or 7. 100?!
One for you. One for you. Ouch! Be careful! That's my arm!
Well migrate outside!
Worms! Yuck! Jacob I'm a gopher not a bird!
I can hear you Big Blue Bird. Over.
I can see through walls now. I'm a very special gopher.
I'm just learning to read. Let's see if I can read this invitation. You're invited to my party. Please bring all your f, flowers. All your flowers?
Refreshments! Get your refreshments here!
Fish sticks, fish kabobs, fish sandwiches and fish jelly.
Now this is a story that takes place many, many, many, many, many, many. Takes place a long time ago.
As my Aunt Beatrice used to say,'It's a small world.'
Oh it's a fly. Out you go little fly. Today I'm catching butterflies.
'Oh I got a caterpillar. I think I'll call him Edward.'
'That's very small for a hippopotamus.'
'All right you're the boss. Now give me back my homework!'

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