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All we want is to find our little lost friend.
I wish I had a name and a pet just like all my friends in Strawberry Land.
Did you find your best berry on your porch this morning, Strawberry?
I went to the seashore last week but I didn't have my paints, but I remembered. Next week I'll paint this park when I'm up in the mountains.
Some monster. He couldn't scare a peanut out of its shell.
You pathetic purple pea brain.
Surely a man of your intelligence would know how this rain could affect our environment.
QuoteCharacter Name
Now I get it. It's not one footprint. It's both feet and his tail.
Mon dieu! What can we do, Strawberry?
Aren't you a little old for those things, dearie?
I plumb forgot about our lunch today. Bye.
We'd better send a spy to find out what she really wants. It's up to you Lucky Bug.
Water water. It never runs dry. I guarantee strawberries seven feet high.

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