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QuoteCharacter Name
'The Bouquet residence. The lady of the house speaking.'
'Aw nice!'
'I mean it! I'm going back to being a virgin!'
'I wish you wouldn't be so criminally attractive when I'm reading a passionate love story!'
'For some reason I just go to pieces in this house!'
'It's not the voice! It's who's in charge of it!'
'Rose! I'd know those legs anywhere!'
'Why did you put her in my parish?'
'Can I get the volunteer to clean the church hall toiletiers?'
'I wouldn't mind being shipwrecked with you, my darling.'
'It was terrible! I woke up, opened my eyes, and there it was!'
'I feel sick!'
'Come! Come! We go! Per favore! Per piacere.'
'Ah the Bucket villain, pronounced Bouquet!'
'There it is. Take a good look at it, lad. That's the house! The lair of the dragon lady, Mrs. Buck, er Bouquet.'
'I want to return these shamelessly see through undergarments that were left at error at the Charity Shop!'
'We live in the roof. Do you realize that? We're like bats!'
'Di did you see that? I was about to deliver this in the ordinary manner when this sudden freak wind tore it out of my grasp!'
'I have no time for anyone who doesn't like dogs. I keep telling my postman, just because they nip him occasionally. Where's his sense of fun?'
'I like to see what I'm eating. I'm partially deaf. Be damned if I want to go blind!'
QuoteCharacter Name
'And now me eyes have gone. All I can see is legs! I think I'd better have another drink. Come on! Pop me another!'
'Yes. Help Bunty. I'll entertain this fascinating creature here!'
'Change the towels now while there is no one in the room, before she finds something else to squak about!'
'I don't want to dress like a jockey for him! The next thing you know he'll have me jumping over fences! I want to divorce him!'
'Oh good lord! It's the candlelight queen!'
'Are we being kidnapped?! Will she want a ransom?! Can we afford a ransom?!'
'Violet, pay attention when I'm yelling at you!'
'I'm sorry, Madame, but the red carpet is reserved for royalty!'
'I see you bought some of old Mumsy's dynamite.'
'Trains! I like trains! I can play with trains!'
'Mother? Are you coming Mother? Mother, we're leaving now!'
'Oh come on, Olive. We'll come back later when Rose's mother has gone away.'
'Noise do I make? No worse than your average human being!'
'Good morning, Madame. Are you the one with the wonky telly?'
'I only ever had to remove my shoes before, and that was in a mosque. And then the sermon was shorter!'
'Mind the foot!'
'Surprises?! I don't think I can stand anymore!'
'That's the last time I'm sitting in the back with him! Hands all over the place!'
'I can see you're troubled in love.'
'I say! Could your husband do his stuff again? There are some chaps out there giving us a hard time. Need to be taught a lesson.'

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