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'Something is not right.'
'Cecile. All we need is some flowers, some leaves and a birdie. Oh yes! And la Tour Eiffel! Voil?. Le chapeau magnifique. Zut alors! C'est un chapeau disastre tragique!'
'I hope it wil be satisfactory to give them a tour of my toy factory.'
'No sweets! It's an infection to the teeth! Is it not, little girls?'
'French cooking is an art, and the raw chicken is like a blanket of canvas.'
'Ah ma cherie Madeline. It is Christmas. Have faith. All will be well.'
'Here is some mineral water, and tonight you will have ice cream.'
'What do you think, teddy? Shall we call her Yvette after maman?'
'Look at my beautiful stuff! And my hairdo!'
'Oh I have never seen Giselle so happy. You are so kind to come here.'
'Oh Madeline. More handkerchiefs, s'il vous plaît.'
'Madeline. Can you make me some warm milk, s'il vous plaît?'
'I have to leave behind my toys and my menagerie, and my mother, she has developed an allergy.'
'Non, Monsieur. We have been making cheese sandwiches ? la Coucouface. Since they are named after you, Lord Coucouface, you must try the first one. '
'I say! This is most surprising! Flambé. Soufflé. Mmmm. Crisp hot croissant. Brioches. Beef Wellington. Ah. Even poisson.'
'You let your dog touch your linen?'
QuoteCharacter Name
'Quite so. Quite so. But I'm afraid the horse must go. Achoo! My allergies are back! What can I do?'
'All of you can go in one at a time. Would you like to go in first, Miss Madeline?'
'Mrs. Murphy is sick, so we're preparing lunch for Lord Coucouface.'
'Madeline, I'm already homesick for France. Can you send some eclairs and frog legs?'
'I knew a ballerina who decided to wear toeshoes before she was even ready, and then she was fired. But she came back and became a prima ballerina. You see that ballerina was me. '
'Her fever is gone, and she's getting stronger everyday. But she needs something to lift her spirits so she can fully recover. '
'It feels. It feels wrong. I didn't deserve all the credit. It was all Madeline's doing. I have never met anyone so brave. She deserves the credit. Not me. '
'There is nothing worse than roses for an old horse. Promise me you won't feed him any more roses or green apples.'
'A pumpkin was just the thing for a dumb diddly umpkin.'
'Très bien! Now we won't have to stop for breakfast on our rounds! Madeline, you have saved the day!'
'Help! Thief! Call the gendarme! That horse stole my chapeau!'
'Come here, all of you. I can read. Help. I am a prisoner in a lace factory. You will stay here all day, all night, all year until I find out who's responsible.'
'How nice of you to visit me. Now won't you stay and have some tea.'
'Madeline, will you measure me, s'il te plaît? Hmm. I have grown two inches this week. I'm too tall.'
'As it says on the last page, 'who cares about these silly rules anyway?''

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