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When you want to go someplace, you either take the express or the lucel.
When you get back to your blue blooded society, tell them that the Ricardo Mertz looked you over, and we don't want to join your phony balony club.
Honey, I have to go unless you know something the rest of us dunt.
Pliez! 500 times! And a 1 a 2 a 3 a 4 a 5 a 6 a 7 and 8!
She gave me three choices: a Japanese geisha girl, an indian or an eskimo.
The way Ethel plays those ivories it makes an elephant want to take back its tusks.
I'm not a witch. I'm Billy Brown.
I said to Little Ricky, 'You don't want to play those nasty old drums do you?' and he just shook his head.
I went through parts of Connecticut I didn't even know existed. I went past Main Street and people were staring at me as if I was Lady Godiva.
Well, I knew this day would come. Me getting crows feet and your hairline receding.
That was Babalousy.
Well thanks a lot.
Let's do that Cuban folk dance called El Breako the Leaso.
I don't know. Those sure look like mighty fine duck trees to me.
I know you want me to keep house and be the mother for your children. I have something for you. Something that will make you very happy. I made your favorite pie.
What's aunt Martha trying to do? Poison me?
That's not a side of beef. That's a whole side of elephant.
A wire came and I can't decide if I should send it here or to Japan. It's addressed to a Mickey Mikado.
Well I'm your Vitavegivac girl. Are you worn out, tired, listless? Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular? Well, are you?
Keep jiggling Peggy, please!
We've got a bunch of wet blankets and a crazy quilt.
QuoteCharacter Name
3,000 dollars.
We've got lots of food right here. Homemade bread with home churned butter. Last one to the middle is a rotten egg.
We'll call it Unique if it's a boy and Euphonius if it's a girl.
You haven't mentioned the baby the whole evening. You don't care about Little Robert or Madeleine.
Well mater. Today I've been riding the cows and tomorrow I'll be riding the 'orses.
I always name my pets after people I like.
No. I want you to come with me. I want to show someone the true meaning of friendship.
My version of a baby crying. Wah! Wah!
There's a rotten Cuban in Denmark.
You're a real trooper, aren't you?
I know she has some nice things. Of course I'll have to get them altered. Her hips are wider than mine.
Look at this place! It will take a couple months salary to redecorate! After we fumigate.
Fajito! Fajito!
Easy. He doesn't give me enough money to open a checking account.
Yes Ma'am. I'm a dipper from way back. They used to call me the big dipper.
Let's see physiachiatrist. F.
No matter what you've done, I forgive you.
Well, there's the Queen of Hearts. That's you. And there's the Ace of Spades which means death.
No wonder it's called The Mockingbird Mystery. Everytime I read it it flies out the window.
I got a mickey from Ricky.
Sleeping powder, ha! The sleep from which no one returns.
QuoteCharacter Name
Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.
Well you don't have to worry. The last seats went to Harry S. and Betsy Truman.
He's not going to take us to Florida. He'll say, 'It's too far, I can't get away and I can't afford it.' Those are the lamest excuses I've ever heard.
Look at his pupils. They're like dollar signs. 'As long as it doesn't cost me any money. As long as it doesn't cost me any money.'
The way you speak English it sounds like a foreign language.
Buenos noches, abuela.
No! I want my ring with little diamonds halfway around it.
Ethel, won't you at least help me have a few fleeting golden moments with my husband?
Lucy, there's a word that means the same in English, Spanish and French. No.
Well, it's time once again for that famous parlor game called Kick the Cuban. Good luck amigo.
Butter on bread? I'll never get used to your strange Cuban dishes.
That's all right. I always wanted to look like a chrysanthemum.
I know how you can see both sides. I can strap you to the front of the bus.
I just want to get a Richard Widmark grapefruit. It will be perfect with my Robert Taylor orange.
I shall return, and I'll try to look more romantic in your big, beautiful eyes.
You didn't kill him. It's all his fault. Why you you creep suzette.
Ricky, you're sick! There's something you haven't told me. *Gasp* You lied to me. You're older than I thought you were.
What's the matter with you? Haven't you seen a beekeeper on a subway before?
Don't come crying to me, Fred. Anyone who has the nerve to buy an explosive time bomb deserves to be punished.
I'll be right along. I just want to say goodbye to Italy. Goodbye Italy with your beautiful rolling hills and landscape. No, I won't say goodbye. I'll say arrivederci.

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