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You see, I'm afraid of very deep water. So when no one's watching, I wear my water wings.
I'm afraid of very loud noises. Oh yes. So when no one's watching, I wear my earmuffs. Would my earmuffs help you!
What a neat sled! I bet it goes like lightning!
Let's Tell Time. Oh! Have you read Let's Tie Shoes?
Oh yes. Of course. Hello, Weasel. Nice to see you too.
Who are you calling fowl, Beaver?
I know what you used. I found six feet of gift wrap crumpled up in the cupboard.
Ar har! Shiver me timbers! Prepare to board! Timbers? Boards? Pirates sure talk about wood a lot.
My mom makes me come early. It would take me a week to get to school if I missed the bus.
As king of Turtle Castle, I dub thee Sir Franklin the Neat and Tidy.
Let's pretend this clock is a pizza. If we cut it into quarters, it would take your friends 15 minutes to eat a slice.
QuoteCharacter Name
I'm sure you did, but as you can see, friends' helmets don't always fit right. Don't worry, Franklin. I'll be holding another safety rally in August.
Well I think I can give it the granny touch. Here you are. One crustless happy sandwich.
This is elbow grease. A little sanding, painting and polishing.
Hi Sir Franklin. Lady Beaver of the Blue Box is leading us in a quest for the enchanted cookies. Hey. Where's your leg armor?
It sure is a scorcher. I sure would like a nice cold glass of lemonade.
I only wanted everyone to be my friend. My friend and no one elses. I'm sorry I left you out, Franklin. You too, Snail.
Come on guys. You have to work together as a team.
I think Bear wants to buy the whole bake sale.
Snap! I love snap! Mind if I join you? And after this we can have fun with water balloons.
Excellent! I can't believe how much you've accomplished in a few weeks. And I bet there's a dedicated music teacher to thank.
I can practice and practice and practice, but I'll be as old as Grandpa Turtle before I can catch 76 flies.

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