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I wish that Scrooge McDuck would be marooned on a desert island.
I'm sorry, Glimgold.
You're darn right I'm not a robot. There's a person inside, and I'm proud of it.
Tricycle pops?
Something in that soup snatched a cracker.
Ah ah ah! You're fibbing fibbing fibbing!
Of course darling.
Shiny. Give to Scrooge.
QuoteCharacter Name
One pinch of this in your next drinking water, and you'll squeak like a mouse for weeks.
Royal tatoo, Miss Beaky.
A pink slip isn't a present. It means I'm fired?!
My good fellow, there is only one Scrooge McDuck. Now in the words of the immortal Shakespeare: 'Hit the road, Jack.' Good luck sir.
Launchpad, can't you ever ride a camel without crashing it?
Goldenrods and chocolate silver dollars! Why you old romantic!
Make me look like a million bucks! I'm rich! Rich! Rich!

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