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Please pick 1 or 2 or 3. A different show each time you'll see. Before you make your puppets start, make your stage a work of art.
A fine good morning to you mates. Fresh fairy bread. Only 2 coins. Sure to tickle a fairy's fancy.
Dear dear. You two have gotten yourselves into a royal pickle. You'll have to travel far and wide to solve this problem.
Well well. What have we here? Looks like you wished for something you wished you hadn't wished for. Only the wizard can help you now.
Good day, young travelers. May we brighten your day with a song?
Farewell then. Perhaps another time.
I've got that shrinking feeling.
Why thank you. Fane, Fern, Fawn, we have delicious fairy bread for lunch.
Make a potion magic dish and give these dragons one more wish. Darby made his sister shrink. Now she needs a magic drink.
Good day. Could you spare a gold coin for a poor stranger whose luck has run dry?
QuoteCharacter Name
The water in our pool shows magical pictures. To see for yourself, just touch the seeing crystal.
If you're hoping for a handsome prince, don't kiss me.
You've reached the wizard's hut. Three cheers. Nothing is at it appears.
Desert flowers have special powers, but I'm too slow to nab them. They bloom for seconds, not for hours. To pick them you just grab them.
Go everywhere. Talk to everyone. You'll find the things you need.
This fairy bread is delicious. Thank you!
It's not fair. You're bigger than me. Oh! I wish you were small.
Oh. Hello little friends. I guess I must have been so busy filling jelly jars. I must have fallen asleep.
Oooo. I'll take the big green one. You guys can have the little red one.
Please try to find his brother for him. He's making me miserable.

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