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Forced Order
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If this soup tastes like water, that's what it is.
For a mud sandwich, I get my ingredients from the sunny side of the yard.
Patty, I can't make that mud sandwich. My shovel broke!
All right men! To Mars!
The boys must be jealous of your space suit, Lucy.
You're a very naughty girl, Lucy. What do you say to that?
Lucy, did you take Linus's cookie?
Every year it's the same. Girls in stadium boots.
I wanna hear Three Mice Mice. I wanna hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Car. I wanna glass of wadder.
That was sensational, Lucy! I thought you said you've never been on a slide before.
My grandfather thinks he's over the hill and around the bend, out of the swim and on the shelf.
You're a 14k blockhead! No a babboon! You have a face like a goat!
As a big brother you're a total flop! I've lost all my respect for you. Nyah!
How much sharper than a serpent's tooth is a sister's nyah.
You're nothing but a snip snap, tattle taling, pony tailed ape!
I've never seen anything like it. It opens and closes its eyes and says quack quack. I feel like a fool pulling it around.
Ten to one they'll throw him in the slammer.
I turned in my homework, big brother. You got all the answers wrong! The teacher asked what we should do. I suggested life imprisonment without chance of parole.
I mean does life have any meaning after you've failed seven tests in a row and your teacher hates you?!
How can you solve new math problems with an old math mind?
The best way to get over a love affair is to eat a lot of goop.
I think it's a chocolate gyp cookie.
Whenever you're feeling down, there's nothing like a few rounds of squeeze squash applesauce.
Yoo hoo! Catcher! What do ya do between innings? Yoo hoo! Pitcher! Tell the catcher that the girls in the outfield just voted him as the cutest thing this side of heaven!
The moons of Saturn got in my eyes.
Who do you think I am? Crocodile Dundee
This is the World War I flying ace. He always comes every night to my little French café to foget about the war.
Did you hear that monsieur flying ace of World War I? The Red Baron is coming to this little French café to punch your lights out.
The Red Baron says he cannot come to destroy you. So he sent along his assistant. The Pink Baron.
Fighting under the mistletoe? How unromantic. How gauche.
It may interest you to know that piano players have strong fingers.
I just don't want to break his arm or his shank or whatever you call it.
Take a closer look kid and I'll drop a brick on you!
Lately my philosophy has been who cares? Or how should I know? What happens when our philosophy fails? We turn to that most desperate of ancient cries. Mom!
I look at the jewelery store across the street. She has nice awnings.
Treat her nicely kid. I'm the jealous type.
It's that stupid janitor mopping the halls. It tickles!
Love me. Love my rubble.
I know someone. He's an old timer. Good foundation.
Serfs had to work very hard. Every morning their boss would call 'Serfs up!' Well I bet they would say that in California.
I feel like a can of mace.
Charlie Brown, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the bride and the best man are here. The bad news is they ran off together.
I'm not skinny. I'm trim.
Don't get too close. You might step on my shoes or smudge my turtleneck.
That's what you think, niblickhead! Women's golf is on the upswing. Hit it by a mile sir!
This will look even better. Greatest fisherperson holding freshly caught frozen fish sticks.
Why do you always call me sir? What kind of dorky kid are you?
Dear Mom and Dad. I'm lonesome.
I did have a good time, sweetie. And don't forget I bit the chaperone.
Winter vacation reading report. I read everyday, and you know what I read? A cereal box!
This is my report on A Tale of Two Cities. Saint Paul and Minneapolis are...
I always color the sky blue.
Ha! His kind is only worth a dime a dozen.
I'll be right there, Shermy. I just have to tend to the hound. Here you go pooch. I had to give the mutt his supper.
There goes good ol' Charlie Brown. Good ol' Charlie Brown, yes sir. How I hate him.
I've been disgraced for life. They say it's never happened before. I've just been expelled from nursery school.
*Shudder* He was eating animal cookies and and smiling.
Snoopy's on the other side of the door, and I'm eating this candy just to spite him. There's only one problem. Spite candy doesn't taste very good.
Mmmmmm. Chocolate creams. Ack ptooey. With a little bit of coconut.
There isn't a single cracker in the house so I have to eat bare soup.
I was jumping rope, and then all of a sudden it seemed so futile.
Any vulture on my snowman gets clobbered.
Am I buttering too loud for you?
When did Mark Twain write Huckleberry Finn? If I knew him, most likely in the evenings.
1X1 is 1.2x2 is tooty two. 3x3 is threety three. And 4x4 is four forty forty four.
QuoteCharacter Name
Kiss her you blockhead!
I think a music box is the most romantic gift a boy can give to a girl.
Write your homework on a doughnut. I'll eat it.
The principal wants to talk to me. Why me? I'm nobody. I don't even have a dog.
Maybe we can run away to Paris. If we fly by night, we'll be in Paris by the morning.
This girl in my school was kinda depressed, see? And I told her we could run away to Paris. I don't even know where Paris is.
I learned something too. I'll never be Andrew Wyeth.
If we have to hear about Dick and Jane again, I'm going to go crazy. Ma'am? I think the class would be interested in how Anna Karenina ducks under the train.
I could rule the whole world from under my bed.
I can't go to school. The guards will hate me.
My dad took me to a baseball game last night and we got two hot dogs. One of them was still in my pocket.
It's a book on first aid, Marcie. Ah. Here's the chapter I was looking for. What to Do in Case of Stupidity.
Here's my term paper, Ma'am. Please judge it with mercy. Treat it as if it was a newborn baby. Which it is because I just wrote it this morning.
I'm sorry manager. Your graceful movements on the mound lulled me to sleep.
What are you trying to do? Ruin my afterlife?
You were blocking the plate, sweetie. Here. I could only find one shoe.
The moon is over Hollywood so just follow the moon.
Last time we were going someplace he told us the North Star is over Minneapolis.
Don't cure me. This is a good life.
We found out what is wrong with you. Everything.
Maybe Thomas Woolfe was right. 'You can never go home again.'
Dear reader. Thank you for your letter. Sincerely, Miss Helen Sweetstory. This is a form letter! You stupid beagle! Miss Sweetstory sent you a form letter!
Some people think we look cute with glasses, Sir. Besides if you wore glasses you'd look just like Elton John.
Sorry for sharing our intimate correspondence, Miss Sweetstory, but I need a sugar cookie.
When lost one can do one of two things. One can calmly look at the map and try to find one's way, or one can panic. I think I'll panic. Aaugh!
That's not a map! That's an ad for dog food!
A pizza would taste good right about now.
Happiness is coming home from the hospital.
Let me put it this way. How does it feel deep down in your little heart of hearts that you will never be a hero?
Prairie dogs ran off with the covered wagon.
We prairie dogs are very affectionate!
I missed the ball, Charlie Brown, but the ground caught it. Good catch ground!
Well if it isn't fat legs Volley?
You hit my partner in the mouth!
We win by default!
Only three years old and already I'm being forced to go commercial.
Last night I saw a guy play the piano with his nose.
Well Schroeder I see you're Bach. Where've you been? Haydn?
This one guy asks the conductor if he can play the Hallelujah Chorus and he says 'Oh I can Handel it.'
What am I, a new feminist, doing in right field? Why do I have to take orders from that stupid manager? I'm just as good as he is.
Lucy couldn't make it so I'm taking her place. Don't worry. She told me everything I need to know. Throw the ball over the plate you blockhead!
Oh to be at Wimbledon now that spring is here.
I've formed a new habit over changeover. Have a chocolate chip cookie.
The chocolate chip cookies won in straight sets.
Out! What do you mean are we sure? We called it out didn't we? Every ball that you've hit has been out, and every ball that we've hit has been in!
It was out! It was out by forty feet! What's the matter with you? Can't you see?
Where's the ball? I lost it in the sun! Hey parner. Did you see where it went? Hey partner! Don't just stand there! You make the call! Was it out or was it in?
When you hit a volley it's supposed to go thong not blap! Blap, good grief.
I'm in the zone kid. We might win if my partner doesn't blap any more put aways. You're not going to blap any more put aways are you partner?
I've heard of mixed doubles but this is ridiculous. All right partner let's get one thing straight. I hate to lose. I'll make all the line calls and you guard the alley.
You see that fat lady over there? She's come here to make sure her darling son gets good calls. She hates me. She knows that when I play all the calls will be in centimeters.
Actually I lost to a left handed St. Bernard.
Look who we're playing, partner. Cry Baby Boobie and Bad Call Benny. Crybaby Boobie complaigns about everything and Bad Call Benny calls everything out.
I hope this movie isn't going to have a lot of throwing up. I'm not going to spend money to watch some stupid person throw up.
Come back! Maybe there won't be any throwing up. Maybe there'll just be killing.
This is your ball isn't it? Take it and run for home.
I'm a father! No my dad is a father! I'm a brother! I have a little sister!
At first I wanted to be an only child. You spoiled that, you know that? Then I thought it would be nice to have a sister. So what happens? I get another brother. A rerun!
I'm no good with names. Did he say 5 or V?
My dad says we have so many numbers lately that we are slowly losing our identity. That's why he decided that each of us should have a number instead of a name.
Sure. I'm drowning and my partner is eating cookies.
I must admit I know nothing about swimming. Is your head supposed to be above or below water?
You're beautiful Miss Marcie. You should be a model.
I'm going home. This neighborhood has me in shock. I don't mind the dog with the goggles or the girl in the booth, but that stuff about the Great Pumpkin. No sir.
So who wants to win an Ugly Dog Contest? She gets the trophy. What do I get? The use of this bone for a year.
I found out why camels can last so long in the desert without water. It has something to do with their big noses.
QuoteCharacter Name
If I were a camel, sweetie, I'd take you to the desert and leave you there.
There's Charlie Brown's little sister. She's walking! She's walking!
The world is going crazy and my sister is starving to death!
There's a rabbit! Chase it! Chase it! You let it get away on purpose! I'm going to report you to the Head Beagle!
Awake! Awake! There's a herd of rabbits coming this way! You're the only one in the world who can save us!
I'd better show Spike how to have a good time. These infantry types aren't appealing to the lasses as we gallant flying aces.
Would Mademoiselle care for 1/8 of a doughnut?
My dad got me this new helmet. He said girls can be just as good in sports as boys. I tried it in the pool and I almost drowned.
I think I got something out of those ribbons and fancy dresses Marcie. I got a better feeling of femininity and a better understanding of myself.
No Ma'am I can't see the question on the blackboard. But don't despair, Ma'am. I'm eating carrot cake. Just a mid-morning snack. Carrots are good for your eyes.
Careful with the tears please. You're melting my snowman.
I want to go to the library and they won't let Farore in.
You think you're so great. You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to get a cat.
Snoopy thinks he's so great. That's why I'm getting a cat. He needs to be brought down a few notches!
Isn't this great Chuck? Good old fashioned down in the dirt football.
We all need someone to kiss away our tears.
We're wearing down the Earth! Everyone get off the ground! Stay on the sidewalk!
You decided to call her Sally? That's a good name. Sally is cute and innocent. Like the name Lucy.
Happiness is having your own library card.
This piece is called Music for Skinned Knees.
My grandmother always said 'laugh in the morning, cry before bed'. Usually when I'm in a good mood, something bad always happens.
This my dear Charlie Brown is real fudge, not mud! And I wouldn't give it to you even if you were starving to death!
You're not very nice. Are you on some kind of medication?
For $20 they should pierce your ears, check your eyes and cure your asthma.
Ah a child in a flowery meadow. Let's see 'Kind auf die Blumenwiese. Guten Tag Kind auf die Blumenwiese.
That bug is cuter than the others. I wonder why. She's wearing eye shadow!
I won! I won the championship! Hey Mom! I won! Mom! I think that dog kicked me!
Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to learn to lick it.
That's the way it goes. Replace one worry with another.
I bought Snoopy to the park so that he could frolic. And if I walk that far for a dog, he'd better frolic!
Ha ha! Boy what a gaudy outfit! I wouldn't be caught in a dogfight wearing that!
Hey manager. We can't lose today. See? I have gloves on my hands and my feet.
I took your advice, big brother. I worried. I worried about how you're dumb and how your kids will all be dumb. Well I'm tired so I'm going to bed.
Separation of church and state? No I've never heard of separation of church and state. But if that kid comes with his rocket launcher, I'll separate his head from his neck!
In the Bible it says you can pray without ceasing. I wonder if you can pray without velcro.
Don't forget the egg shells!
They can't fire Miss Othmar! She has her own tenure! She has her own parking place!
They can't fire Miss Othmar! I'm going to blow this thing wide open! I'm going to write to someone who understands! How does one go about writing a letter to the apostle Paul?
Today we read the letters from the apostle Paul. I feel bad reading someone else's mail.
There's Miss Othmar. She's holding her sign. She's fallen to her knees!
Have you ever felt the sense of impending doom?
All my memories of Miss Othmar are going up in chalk dust.
Now I know what he was talking about. I've turned into a pillar of chalk dust.
I wonder if chalk dust would show up on an x-ray.
Miss Othmar isn't feeling well. I'm bringing her something to make her feel better. A bowl of rain?
Have any of you heard of arachibutyrophobia? This is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth and may be a beautiful excuse to miss school someday.
This will be a great shot. Greatest fisherperson without a lake.
I have some things to do today, Lucy. You know? Ordinary things that have to do with living. And I was wondering if I could use some of your year.
Want to sing this petition to remove the jets from our city?
Sign this please. It absolves me from all blame. Thank you.
Years are like candy bars. We're paying more but they're getting shorter.
I was doing things to make my dog happy, but instead I happied him to the vet.
I think every child should be given a dog and a banjo. Yes, Ma'am. We're talking happiness here.
I'm so depressed. Even my cold cereal doth taste like wormwood.
He walks. He talks. He says Mama.
I see you've met our drill seargeant. Don't worry. Her bark is worse than her bite.
Make one mistake and you regret it for the rest of your life.
Perhaps you'd like to invest in some real estate near Needles. My card.
Misunderstanding? But isn't this the Ace School for Gifted Children? Aren't you going to fill my bag with gifts?
Is this the Ace School for Gifted Children? I want to enroll. Do I think I'm gifted? Well I usually get a few gifts for birthdays and Christmas but that's about it.
Ma'am. I'm no good at multiple choice. It's like giving a starving man a menu.
If I were your conscience, Sir, I'd whip you into shape.
If you were my conscience Marcie, I'd have you transferred.

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