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Can you name the answers to these difficult FFVII questions?

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What armor does Yuffie have when you meet her?
How many battle points do you need to get Stardust from the battle arena?
What weapon do you get from beating Reno in Gongaga?
Who is the the Head of the Department of Space Exploration at Shinra?
How many times does Barret's 'Ungarmax' limit hit?
What is the name of Red XIII's father?
What costs 100GP at the Wonder Square?
Where do you get Titan materia?
What is Barret's surname?
What is the name of the only Enemy Skill that can revive fallen party members?
Apart from 'Metal Knuckle' and 'Diamond Knuckle', name the other one of Tifa's weapons that ends in the word 'Knuckle'
At the Wall Market Restaurant you can order a Sushi Plate, Today's special and what other dish?
How much is the Costa Del Sol Villa?
Who is the 4th fight with in the Wutai Pagoda?
What is the southern most town on the world map?
Which of Cid's weapons can you win from the Gold Saucer?
Vincent's Hellmasker moves are Nightmare and what?
What is the name of Cid's airplane that crashes in the sea?
Which tribe attacked Cosmo Canyon?
Which item uses 'confu' against all opponents?

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