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QUIZ: Can you name the Roger The Alien Personas?

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Forced Order
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Roger QuoteRoger Persona
'Probably shouldn't have farted before i started that walk'
'TACO's!!!! Who's crying?'
'Then i'm taking 50 points from Gryffindor'
'Damn you Stan. You and you're one outfilt'
'I think i'm becoming immune to gravity'
'This truely is the best Spring break ever'
'Tell them how you killed our baby Amanda'
'I want more dizzy water'
'Make me feel good'
Roger QuoteRoger Persona
'Thank you for choosing AT&T'
'It's a hoof, you have to earn it'
'Or he's dyslexic and angry at Disney'
''I am humbled, you humble me....Go home bitches, I nailed it'
'Xanadu, can't cry on cue'
'Yes Hayley, i understand things that happen around me'.
'My Krispy Kream mother was raped by my McDonalds father'
'Oh, that one was terrible, they were all terrible'.
'And she can't get back into heaven til she solves 100 cases'.

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