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Forced Order
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Sir Eustace Pedler
Roger Bassington-ffrench
David Hunter
Letitia Blacklock
Josephine Leonides
Lawrence Redding and Anne Protheroe
Mr. Symmington
Ruth Lessing
Mrs Sprott
Alistair Blunt
Elsa Greer (Lady Dittisham)
Marthe Daubreuil
Edward Goring
Patrick Redfern and Christine Redfern
Robin Upward
Gerda Christow
Miss Gilchrist
Mr. Brown/Sir James Peel Edgerton
Nevile Strange
Lancelot Fortescue
Lewis Serrocold
Dr. James Sheppard
Nigel Chapman
Dr Quimper
Sir Charles Cartwright
Kirsten Lindstrom
Sir George Stubbs
Josie Turner and Mark Gaskell
Marina Gregg
Jimmy Thesiger
Miss Pebmarsh
Zachariah Osbourne
Robert Orwell
Elvira Sedgwick
Ann Shapland
Michael Rogers
Mrs. Lancaster
Dr. Roberts
Michael Garfield
Major Knighton
Clotilde Bradbury-Scott
Dr. Leidner
Superintendent Sugden
Dolly Preston-Grey
Nick Buckley
Jacqueline de Bellefort and Simon Doyle
Stephen Norton
Franklin Clarke
Dr Kennedy
Justice Lawrence Wargrave
Jane Wilkinson
Alfred Inglethorp
Mary Draper
Norman Gale
Lady Westholme
Arabella Tanios
Honoria Waynflete

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