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Can you name the episode of LOST where the following event happened?

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Forced Order
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The flashbacks are revealed to be flash-forwards.
Walt sets fire to the raft.
Jack, Hurley, and Kate join the Dharma Initiative.
Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles find the Others in 1954 and tell them to bury a bomb that belongs to the military.
Charlie swims down to the Looking Glass station.
Jack, Sawyer, and Kate wake up on Hydra Island.
Sayid, Jin, and Sun are killed in the sinking of the sub.
The polar bears first appear.
Daniel is shot by his mother.
Michael tries to kill himself multiple times, and sees a vision of Libby.
Keamy shoots Alex.
Jack performs surgery on Ben.
One of Rousseau's traps captures Ben Linus.
Sun and Jin are reunited.
Jack first sees his father on the Island.
Ben turns the wheel, dislodging the Island from time.
The Swan station implodes.
Ben is judged by the Monster.
The Others kidnap nine people from the camp of the tail section.
Libby is revealed to have been in the same mental institution as Hurley.
Sayid shoots a young Ben.
Charlie shoots Ethan, killing him.
Sun shoots Colleen Pickett.
Mr. Eko is killed by the Monster.
The real Henry Gale is discovered.
Arzt blows himself up with dynamite.
Desmond calls Penny on Christmas Eve, stopping his temporal displacement.
Jack learns that Kate is a criminal.
Mr. Eko faces the Monster for the first time.
Jack and Kate kill the Man in Black.
Locke and Kate go into the hatch.
Juliet passes away in Sawyer's arms, trying to 'tell him something important'.
Jack finds water on the Island.
The Monster is first heard by the survivors.
Sayid dies for the first time.
Hurley stumbles on Jacob's cabin.
Rousseau's team gets attacked by the Monster, which kills one of them.
Locke and Eko discover the Pearl.
Juliet has to perform surgery on Jack.
Locke and Boone discover the hatch.

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