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Can you name the hip-hop producer by three songs they produced?

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Forced Order
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I Ain't No Joke, Paid in Full, As the Rhyme Goes On
Red Nation, If It Ain't About Money, Camera Phone
Marvin's Room, No New Friends, Mine
Oceans, good kid, Number One
Hard in da Paint, HAM, 9 Piece
Cold, 1 Train, Trophies
I Don't F**k With You, No Mediocre, Rack City
Love the Way You Lie, I Need a Doctor, Our House
One Love, Temperature's Rising, Gangsta Bitch
Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem), Stan, Name Callin'
Forever, Not Afraid, Pound Cake
The Purge, Earl, Oldie
The Joy, The World is Yours, A Yo
No Lie, Move That Dope, We Still in This B**ch
Just Don't Give a F**k, Spit Shine, P.I.M.P.
Hold On, Connect, Mercy
Power Trip, HiiiPower, Work Out
Gravy, LVL, Youfuria
Survival, Kush, I'll Still Kill
100 Miles and Runnin', Foe tha Love of $, Express Yourself
Avian, REMember, Ride Slow
What's Your Fantasy, Bossy, 6 Foot 7 Foot
Moment of Clarity, Renegade, Smack That
No Love, Touch the Sky, Compton
Never Catch Me, S.D.S., 22 Offs
99 Problems, Berzerk, No Sleep till Brooklyn
I Don't Like, Got Me Some More, Suffering from Success
Lean, Transylvania, La Bonita
Hot in Herre, Grindin', Gotta Have It
Takeover, Swagga Like Us, The Food
Things That U Do, On to the Next One, Blow Ya Mind
The Ruler's Back, Devil in a New Dress, 1-900-Hustler
Control, Daughters, D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
Still Got It, Fast Lane, Favorite DJ II
Bad Meets Evil, Kim, Brain Damage
Men in Black, Jigga That Ni**a, If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)
Big Pimpin', Tom Ford, Hit Em wit da Hee
My Life, Bad Guy, Murder to Excellence
Deep Cover, Guilty Conscience, So Bad
Triumph, Molasses, Dark Fantasy
I Wanna Rock, Poetic Justice, The Recipe
Blockbuster Night Part 1, Banana Clipper, Big Beast
Get Low, Damn!, Shorty Wanna Ride
Where'd You Go, The Instrumental, Carry Me Away
Jellyfish, Doomsday, Alex (Stolen Script)
Fireman, Rap God, Rich Forever
The Light, Gobstopper, Thru Ya City
NY State of Mind, Represent, I Gave You Power
Make Me Proud, Swimming Pools (Drank), She Will
Candy Shop, Run It!, Let's Ride

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