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Forced Order
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DesciptionCharacterVoice Actor
Main character of the series. A 25-year old pizza delivery boy who ends up in the future by accident.Billy West
The cyclops captain of the Planet Express ship.Katey Sagal
Evil, alcoholic, robot. Also Fry's best friend.John DiMaggio
The crackpot owner of Planet Express. Inventor of the Smell-O-Scope and the What If Machine.Billy West
The incompetent doctor at Planet Express. He lives in a dumpster.Billy West
The longtime intern at Planet Express, who finally earns her degree in applied physics in season six.Lauren Tom
A Jamaican bureaucrat who works at Planet Express as an accountant. He likes to rhyme things.Phil LaMarr
The porn-loving janitor at Planet Express.David Herman
Captain of the Nimbus, who is a horrible military leader and not much better at wooing Leela.Billy West
The tortured fourth lieutenant of the Nimbus. 'sigh'Maurice LaMarche
Evil owner of the biggest manufacturing company in the universe.Tress MacNielle
Mom's three sons (Name any of them.)Maurice LaMarche/John DiMaggio/David Herman
President of Earth. (ARROOOO!)Billy West
Vice President of Earth.Maurice LaMarche
Murderous yuletide robot who lives on Neptune.John Goodman/John DiMaggio
DesciptionCharacterVoice Actor
Chef who has a high class restaurant in New New York. BAM!John DiMaggio
Hyper-intelligent being who was Leela's mindless pet up until it was discovered he was smart. Wears a diaper.Frank Welker
The professor's annoying clone.Kath Soucie
Bender's jerkier friend. He has a goatee.John DiMaggio
Punishes sinning robots from his homebase in New Jersey.Dan Castellaneta
Acting robot who is the star of All My Circuits.Maurice LaMarche
The Professor's archrival.David Herman
Hermes's archrival.John DiMaggio
The captain and leader of the Harlem Globetrotters.Phil LaMarr
Fry's brother. At one point he was thought to have stolen Fry's identity.Tom Kenny/Lauren Tom
Fry's nephew. Thought to be his father at one point. Met Bender in 2012.Lauren Tom
Amy's father. He destroyed planets to make a mini golf course at one point.Billy West
Amy's mother. She really wants a grandchild.Lauren Tom
Hermes's son. Best friends with the Professor's clone.Bumper Robinson/Phil LaMarr
Hermes's wife. She is also the former wife of Hermes's archrival.Dawnn Lewis

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