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Can you name the characters from Epic Mickey?

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Forced Order
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The first boss of the game, who makes his home in Gremlin VillageVillain
The animatronic character whose head is in Bog Easy and body is in Lonesome Manor.Hero
The animatronic character whose head and body is in Ventureland.Hero
The antagonist's main helper, and creator of the Beetleworx.Villain
The gremlin who fixes the Projector Screens on Mean Street.Hero
A woman's head in a crystal ball. She lives in Lonesome Manor.Hero
The hero of our story. He gets forcefully taken to Wasteland by the Blot.Hero
He runs the Theater on Mean Street.Hero
The human first mate of the Ventureland boss. Spends a lot of time weeping.Hero
The dog-like character on Mean Street who gives news to the hero for five e-tickets.Hero
The leader of the Bog Easy ghosts.Hero/Villain
Our hero's half-brother. The leader of Wasteland.Hero
The animatronic character whose head is in OsTown and body is in Tomorrow City.Hero
The sorcerer who created Wasteland.Hero
He lives in Gremlin Village, and is in trouble with the Gremlins becuase of a crashed steamboat he was piloting.Hero/Villain
The second boss of the game, who makes his home in Space Voyage.Villain
The owner of the Emporium on Mean Street.Hero
He runs the Ice Cream Parlor on Mean Street.Hero
A character who lives in Ventureland and falls in love with a pirate.Hero
A cow who will give the hero prizes for completing races in time.Hero
A pirate who helps the hero out of the Jungle.Hero
Our hero's helper, who gives him advice on Wasteland.Hero
A cow who plants flowers and bakes pies at her house in OsTown.Hero
The detective who lives on Mean Street.Hero
The Ventureland boss, who is one of the only bosses in the game you do not have to fight.Villain
A large, rude brute who lives in Mean Street Town Hall and gives quests to the hero.Hero/Villain
The girlfriend of the hero's half-brother. She was turned into a statue.Hero
A pirate who while hiding from his evil captain falls in love with a resident of Ventureland.Hero
The main antagonist. Was bottled and accidentally freed by the hero's half brother.Villain
The Ventureland boss's nemesis. He can't fly without his sprite.Hero

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