Television Quiz / Causes of Death for Every LOST Character

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Can you name the cause of death for the LOST character given?

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Forced Order
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Season One
Christian Shephard 
Gary Troup 
Seth Norris 
Edward Mars 
Ethan Rom 
Boone Carlyle 
Leslie Arzt 
Season Two
Shannon Rutherford 
Goodwin Stanhope 
Ana Lucia Cortez 
Libby Smith 
Season Three
Mr. Eko 
Danny Pickett 
Nikki Fernandez 
Anthony Cooper 
Tom Friendly 
Mikhail Bakunin 
Charlie Pace 
Season Four
Naomi Dorrit 
Karl Martin 
Danielle Rousseau 
Alex Rousseau 
Martin Keamy 
Michael Dawson 
Season Five
Neil Frogurt 
Charlotte Lewis 
Daniel Faraday 
Matthew Abaddon 
John Locke 
Season Six
Juliet Burke 
Sayid Jarrah (First Time) 
Ilana Verdansky 
Sayid Jarrah (Second Time) 
Sun Kwon 
Jin Kwon 
Charles Widmore 
The Man in Black 
Jack Shephard 

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