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Forced Order
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A blonde boy on a swing holding a strange lobster/bee creature.
The tail end of a plane with the band's name on it.
A man's neck and head, with part of it blowing away like sand.
A man's neck, with the band's logo tattooed on.
A blood-stained Bible with the band's name burned into it as well as nails hammered into the cover.
A transparent model of the human body with angel wings superimposed onto it.
A bald woman sitting in a plain white room, leaning face-forward towards the wall.
A winged soldier holding a flag.
The band, with the lead singer sporting devil horns.
A pill with a fly on it against a white backround.
Several pictures of men with yellow circles over their faces. The album's title is printed on the circles.
The four animated band members sitting in a camoflauge jeep.
A hand, with a grey cord wrapped around the wrist.
A creepy looking man stands in a field in front of a windmill.
The outline of a man graffittied on a wall, with the album title inside the outline.
A three legged dog.
A plain white cover with the band's name.
A segment of the 1830 painting Liberty Leading the People, with the album title scrawled over it in white.
A grey statue of the singer.
The face of actor Jorge Garcia.

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