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Who was the last remaining member of Pagong?Borneo
How many castaways from Survivor:All-Stars debuted on this season?Australian Outback
In what country did this season take place?Africa
Who was 'purple rocked' out of this season on Survivor's first ever rock draw?Marquesas
What animal did Brian and Clay ride on their reward?Thailand
Name one of the two captains in the tribe swap.Amazon
Name one of the outcasts who came back into the game.Pearl Islands
Who was the last former winner to be eliminated?All-Stars
When Chad was voted out, Chris was the last man left in the game. How many women were left?Vanuatu
Who bowed out of the final challenge and told Tom to take Katie in order to earn Tom's friendship back?Palau
Who found Survivor's first ever hidden immunity idol on this season?Guatemala
Who pretended that a piece of wood was a Blackberry?Panama (Exile Island)
Name someone who mutinied from Aitu.Cook Islands
Who won this season with the first ever unanimous final tribal council vote?Fiji
Who played the first ever fake hidden immunity idol?China
Who was the last fan to be eliminated?Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites)
When the tribes changed on a schoolyard pick, who was sent to exile island after not being selected?Gabon
Who was the only player in both Coach's 'Warrior Alliance' and the 'Exile alliance'?Tocantins
Who was the last member of the original Galu to be eliminated?Samoa
Name someone who was voted out pre-merge, but was still on the jury.Heroes vs. Villains
Who has the Survivor record for voluntarily quitting after spending the most time in the game?Nicaragua
This player became the first survivor ever to play the game four times by returning for this season.Redemption Island
Who is the only member of the 'la familia' alliance to go to redemption island, where he lost the final duel?South Pacific
Who claimed 'This is my island. You can't beat me.'One World
This player made survivor history when she survived every tribal council this season.Philippines
Who was the only fan still in the game at the final tribal council?Caramoan (Fans vs. Favorites II)
Name one member of the loved one pair who were voted out back-to-back.Blood vs. Water
Who was the last member of the original beauty tribe to be eliminated?Cagayan
Natalie won this season and her sister was voted out first. What was her sister's name?San Juan del Sur (Blood vs. Water)
Who didn't go on 'not one damn reward' all of this season?Worlds Apart
Stephen Fishbach jumped in the water to get the vote-steal advantage. Who was the other person to jump in?Cambodia (Second Chance)
What is Jason's real name?Koah Rong
Who played an idol and found one the very next day?Millennials vs. Gen X
How many players on this season were playing for the fourth time?Game Changers

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