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Can you name the Disney characters that these 'two cows' statements describe?

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You have one cow and three calves. You plan to get rid of them because your mistress left her estate to them instead of you
You have two...what's that word again? Oh, cows!
You had three (previously non-Disney) cows. When you return to where you met them, you find that two have been turned to stone and the other has been turned into an emerald
You have two cows and 99 calves. You want to make leather jackets out of them
You have two cows. You can lift both of them with one hand
The 'King' has everyone's cows. You steal them and redistribute them among the population
You have one calf. You leave it with a foster family, but eventually realise that one day it will have to go back to its own kind
You have one bull. You fall in love with him and he turns back into a human
You have two cows. One resents being usurped in your affections by the other, but they eventually work together after going missing and you start to give them more equal attention
You have two cows. They do all sorts of weird things that don't make sense
You have one cow. You acquire another and train it to hunt, but the object of the hunt happens to be its best friend and it refuses
You have two cows. They greet you warmly at first, but then start plotting against you when they see you run off with another
You have three cows. You reluctantly agree to take care of them and eventually realise that they can help you find a much-needed spell
You have one cow and one bull. You have until midnight to kiss the bull and turn them human again
You have one cow. Your desperation to stop her ignoring you provokes her into producing milk uncontrollably and running away to escape the consequences
You have seven cows. The youngest one keeps wandering off despite your warnings
You have three cows. You ignore their fawning looks in favour of pursuing a different one despite her rejection
You have one cow. When you try to mince it up it turns into lots of smaller cows
You have three cows. They try to protect you for 16 years, but their efforts fail when you succumb to their nemesis's curse anyway
You have two cows. The milk is all gone
You have two (or three) cows. You order them to dispose of your main threat, only to discover years later that they failed
You have two cows. They disturb the whole neighbourhood in an attempt to find their offspring
You have one cow. Your girlfriend offers you one of its calves, which you refuse, so she gives it to your brother. Eventually you are forced to shoot the cow because it has rabies
You have one calf. You try to dispose of it due to it being deformed, but are eventually persuaded to rear it yourself

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