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Can you name the titles of these Disney Songs given their alternative wordings?

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Alternative titleTitleFilm
Is it Possible to Detect the Romance this Evening?The Lion King
Cardiac Organ Solidified due to Plummeting TemperaturesFrozen
Below the TidesThe Little Mermaid
*Story the Age of EternityBeauty and the Beast
The Warriors of the Nostalgic Local Defence VolunteersBedknobs and Broomsticks
A Single Bound in FrontAladdin
Eventually One's Male Royal Shall ArriveSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs
I Refuse to State (that I Have Romantic Feelings)Hercules
Relinquish the NotionFrozen
Excavate Slightly Further DownThe Princess and the Frog
The Attractive Salty OceanBedknobs and Broomsticks
*Small SettlementBeauty and the Beast
Roundabout of VitalityThe Lion King
Female Offspring of the Sea KingThe Little Mermaid
Companion Resembling MyselfAladdin
On the Initial Occasion in EternityFrozen
One Observes the LuminescenceTangled
Ultimate BuddiesThe Fox and the Hound
A Lone Final BeliefHercules
Rose Tinted Pachyderms in ProcessionDumbo
My Desire is to Become Like YourselfThe Jungle Book
Multiples of Six Feet UnderneathThe Little Mermaid
Elk(s) are Superior to HumansFrozen
One Possesses a Mental DesireTangled
Alternative titleTitleFilm
About to Escort you to that PlaceThe Princess and the Frog
Bible FactsHercules
Your Companion is Found in MyselfToy Story
With the Regularity of the Pounding Percussion InstrumentPocahontas
Each Person Desires to be a FelineThe Aristocats
One Shall AttemptReturn to Never Land
Spotted Canine Farm101 Dalmatians
The Occasion you Yearn on a Heavenly BodyPinocchio
Snog the MaidenThe Little Mermaid
Small Spring RainfallBambi
The Fake Ruler of Part of the British IslesRobin Hood
Amicability is an Unbarred EntranceFrozen
Hues of the BreezePocahontas
Turning the Thorny Flowers ScarletAlice in Wonderland
The French Fish (pl)The Little Mermaid
Maternal Parent is the Most InformedTangled
Make Yourselves ReadyThe Lion King
Nearly at That PointThe Princess and the Frog
Happily Travelling (to an Unspecified Destination)The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad
A Single Time in a Nocturnal VisionSleeping Beauty
One Complete Fresh PlanetAladdin
During the Hottest Season of the YearFrozen
A Trait PresentBeauty and the Beast
A Short Distance Beyond the Meander in the StreamPocahontas
Alternative titleTitleFilm
Everything During a Sunshine Latter Part of the DayAlice in Wonderland
The Remarkable Quality of Striped WildcatsThe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
The Period of ScepticismBedknobs and Broomsticks
One's Cheerful Seaman BravePirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Italian Aesthetically Pleasing Nocturnal PeriodLady and the Tramp
One Very Confusing PhenomenonThe Sword in the Stone
Happy VacationMary Poppins
The Ringers of the Parisian CathedralThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
Big Dipper Journey of Island US StateLilo & Stitch
The Time I Observe a Large Airborne MammalDumbo
Travelling After the One in FrontPeter Pan
The Thing isn't SimplePete's Dragon
Raise the ShadesPirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
The Male is a VagrantLady and the Tramp
+One Foot Movement Towards the Correct PointBedknobs and Broomsticks
This is the Purpose of AcquaintancesThe Jungle Book
*The Time a Person Showed me AffectionToy Story 2
Absent From English Midland CityRobin Hood
Why is the Crimson Male that Colour?Peter Pan
Nourish the AviansMary Poppins
Sad Unlucky BeingsThe Little Mermaid
One is Simply Impatient to Become SovereignThe Lion King
The Tusked Seal and the WoodworkerAlice in Wonderland
Would you Like to Craft a Figure out of the Winter Precipitation?Frozen

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