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Can you name the Disney characters that might use these excuses for not doing their homework?

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'I pricked my finger with my compass and fell asleep.'
'The Queen of Hearts mistook it for one of the cards and beheaded it.' Or 'It got splashed with paint when we were painting the rose bush.'
'But I DID do it, honest!'
'I was too drunk.'
'It got caught in my hair and when Flynn cut it he got the homework as well.'
'I lost it when I ran home from school.' Or 'My stepmother gave me so much housework that I didn't have time to do it.'
'The ink in my pen froze when I picked it up.'
'I gave it to an old woman in exchange for an apple.'
'There aren't any pens in the jungle.'
'I wished I didn't have to do it and the Genie granted the wish.'
'I was too busy saving the galaxy from the Evil Emperor Zurg.'
'I gripped my pen too hard and it broke.'
'Edgar had it last and we sent him to Timbuktu.'
'I make it a point never to do homework. A very old-fashioned idea, if you ask me.'
'Sid strapped it to his Combat Carl and blew it up.'
'I lent it to Christopher Robin and he still hasn't returned it.' Or 'I tied it to a balloon and it flew away.'
'I got it mixed up with one of my wanted posters and fed it to Maximus by mistake.'
'I couldn't get my pen to write underwater.'
'The Substitutiary Locomotion spell went out of control and our homework flew out of the window.'
'Homework? What homework?'
'I spent so long reading books that I lost track of the time.'
'Sven mistook my pen for a carrot and ate it.'
'Homework instructions are more guidelines than actual rules.'
'Frollo had it on him when he fell into the fire.'
'I was too busy working hard so I could save for my restaurant.'
'I was busy fighting in my father's place and I didn't get the chance to do it.'
'I threw it on the fire by mistake when I was trying to keep Anna warm.'
'The Tramp persuaded me not to do it because I shouldn't allow myself to be restricted by other people.'
'The rum was all gone, so I had to get some more and that didn't give me any time to do my homework.'
'I was up all night training for the Scare Games.'
'I enchanted a pen to write it for me, but it went haywire and started writing over everything.'
'I left it in Never Land.'

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