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plastic repair of any tube
pertaining to a rib and its cartilage
unit of heat
pain in the abdomen
study of the nose and its diseases
agent that prevents or relieves coughing
formation of calculi
behind the ear
cell that stores fat
(morbid) fear of bacilli
pertaining to the blood supply of the kidneys
tumor arising from a synovial membrane
calculus formed in a bursa
head shaped
situated toward the back of the head
any disease of the brain
device for measuring the size of an opening or a passage
excessive amount of insulin (in the blood)
development of fibrous tissue
generalized enlargement of the internal [abdominal] organs
(passing from) front to rear
(located) behind and above (a part)
pertaining to the arm
paralysis (of the muscles) on one side of the face (two words)
to cut out
agent that destroys a virus
(occurring) after a fever
carrying away from (a central organ or section)
containing calcium
(prolonged or abnormal) inability to sleep
agent that kills fungi
surrounding the mouth
capable of being cut
infestation with lice
pertaining to the nose and mouth
incapable of being destroyed by low temperature
pertaining to the teeth and face
(opposite to or) away from the mouth
on the same side
to turn into bone
production of starch
irregularity or loss of rhythm, especially of the heart
capillary disorder or disease
excision (of a portion) of a (varicose) vein
shaped like a heart
toward the right (side)
having the stomach on the right side of the body
within the lungs
pain in the chest
formation of stones in the veins
having better hearing with the left ear
resembling a sinus
shaped like a crown
instrument for measuring the pulse
process or act of stretching
producing a blood clot
fear of being in a (particular) place
having three points
small varix
incision into the abdominal cavity
resembling a bacterium
any fungal infection of the bronchi or bronchial tubes
bronchial hemorrhage
study of dust (and its effects)
pertaining to both the teeth and lips
increased carbon dioxide (in the blood)
(abnormal) enlargement of the spinal cord
specialist in the study of the ear, (nose), and larynx
hernia through the pharyngeal wall
surgical puncture of a lung
producing or forming iron
presence of staphylococci in the blood
split or cleft sternum
hernia of the pleura or lungs
inflammation of the muscles of the chest
secreting or promoting the secretion of sweat
suture of a lung
any disease of the thorax
instrument used to open a trachea
across the thorax
absence of (the sense of) taste
pertaining to bile
suturing (of the severed ends) of the common bile duct
vomiting of fecal material
formation of a passage between the duodenum and the intestine
hernia of the esophagus
pertaining to the tongue and lips
burning sensation of the tongue
formation of a passage between two parts of the jejunum
(abdominal) incision to the ileum
relating to the spleen and pancreas
branch of medicine dealing with diseases and disorders of the organs of smell
suture or attachment of the rectum to some other part
abnormal narrowing of the pyloric orifice
an incision of the bladder through the rectum
behind or pertaining to the area posterior to the cecum
tumor of a salivary gland
obstruction of any internal organ
concerning the area beneath the tongue
distortion of normal smell perception
(congenital) absence of all or part of the iris
discharge from the eyelid
inflammation of the conjunctiva
pain in a lacrimal gland
measurement of the pupil
vision in which all objects appear blue
paralysis of the ciliary muscle
agent that stimulates the secretion of tears
having a double pupil in the eye
pertaining to herpes
excision of a portion of the cornea
incision of the lacrimal duct
concerning or affecting one eye
any fungal disease of the eye
paralysis of the eye (muscles)
dryness of the lips
instrument for observing (change of curvature of) the lens
pertaining to the retina and choroid
dry mouth
ulceration of the lacrimal apparatus
inflammation of the cervix uteri
pain in the vagina
dilation of a (nonpregnant) uterus
milk production
any disease of the sexual organs
inflammation of a membrane
fixation of the uterus to the gastric wall
substance that stimultates milk production
mammary gland inflammation
newborn (infant)
incision (or removal) of an ovary
inflammation (of the region) around the vagina
(occurring) after childbirth
having a wide head
tumor of the sweat glands
plastic surgery of the nipple
period after puberty
concering the uterus and rectum
dry labor
inflammation of a nerve or nerve resulting from exposure to x-rays
fat in the urine
outer layer of the adrenal gland (2 words)
(congenital) absence of one or more testicles
pertaining to the cervix uteri and bladder
ulceration of the urinary tract
loss of sense of cold
study of the effect of cold on biological systems
pertaining to (the region) of the groin
sweet taste
condition in which there is only one (descended) testicle
science of animal life
inflammation of the penis
dilation of the renal pelvis
suppression of the semen
hernia in the scrotum
resembling a rod
(irritability or) spasm of the urethra
yellow pigment of the urine
(abnormal) love of animals

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