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Forced Order
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Who Does Howard Marry?
Who buys the Sword of Azeroth from Ebay?
Who plays Sheldon?
Which of the actors actually has a PhD?
Which characters surname hasnt been revealed?
What number flat do Leonard and Sheldon reside?
Who presented Jim Parsons with the award for 'Best Performance by an actor in a TV series' at the Golden Globes?
Who sings the theme tune?
What was the name of Leonards Physics Bowl Team?
What was the name of Sheldons Physics Bowl Team?
Which Magazine Hounered Raj '30 under 30 to watch'?
What musical did Penny have a role in in the first season?
What is Sheldons Kryptonite?
Which book did Sheldon read to help him 'make friends'?
What is Raj's Fathers Profession?
What does Sheldon dress up as for Pennys Halloween party?
What instrument does Leonard Play?
What is Howards NASA nickname?
What online game did Penny get addicted too?
What does the tattoo on Pennys buttock actually mean?
What does Penny say the tattoo means?
What is Leonards Middle Name?
What is Leonards mother called?
Which univercity do most of the characters work?
Which award did Sheldon win when he was 14 and a half?
Who was Leonards first girlfriend
How many languages is Howard supposedly fluent in?
Where is the series set?
What is Howard allergic too?
What does Sheldons Grandmother Call Sheldon?
How Many Restraining orders does Sheldon Have?
What Indian City Is Raj From?
What is Raj's Sister Called?

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