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Can you name the people in scrubs!?

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Forced Order
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Who has one testicle?
Who is Dominican?
Who has two thumbs and dosent give a crap?
Who likes speed metal?
Who's godfather is Billy Dee (Llando Calrissien)?
Who could have killed his wife?
Who buys a dido cd and some candles?
Who goes out with Whitney the Snapper?
Who shares a bed with his mother?
Who has a brother called Marco?
Who's son is sam?
Who wore a vest to a funneral?
Who has the high score on PAC-Man?
Who are the members of hibbleton?
Who gets 7 and a half Sundays off a year?
Who is Mole Butt?
Who has Botox injections?
Who always carries a camera?
Who smokes during sex?
Who gets uninvited from the wedding, which makes turk angry?
Who once made out with their mother?
Who uses a corpse to keep their soda cool?
Who is Ted the lead singer of?
Who is the Devil Woman?
Who loves Journey?
Who fathers cuts them off?
Who hair does elliot boink?
Who has a tattoo of Bobby on their butt?
Who is very accident prone and not graceful?
Who is a taxidermist?

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