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What U.S. state is San Diego located in?
What large city lies just across the U.S. border from San Diego?
What is San Diego's somewhat less-than-humble nickname
Which Native American people inhabited the San Diego area before the arrival of Europeans
What European nation first laid claim to San Diego?
Which European explorer first visited the area in 1542? A national monument named in his honor commemorates his landing
Name either the military leader or religious leader who founded the first two European settlements in San Diego, both in 1769
What country did San Diego belong to from 1821-1848?
What war brought San Diego into the United States?
What is the name of the original pueblo area (now a state park) at the base of the Presidio, before the city was moved to its current bayfront location?
What major city park features land and buildings from the 1915 Panama-California Exposition?
What San Diego attraction originated with exotic animals left from the same 1915 Panama-California Exposition
What was the name of the first orca brought to SeaWorld San Diego in 1965, a name used for the orca show long after the original whale's death in 1971?
What airplane was built for aviator Charles Lindbergh by the Ryan Aircraft Co. of San Diego?
What type of fish was the backbone of San Diego's fishing fleet and canneries through the 1970s?
What seaside San Diego community supposedly gets its name for the Spanish word for 'jewel'?
What San Diego suburb is home to the famous 'Hotel Del' as well as Naval Air Station North Island?
What retired aircraft carrier is now a museum on San Diego's waterfront?
What is San Diego's primary newspaper?
What major cellular technology firm is headquartered in San Diego and the namesake of San Diego's football stadium?
Name San Diego's former NFL franchise which left for Los Angeles after the 2016 season
Name San Diego's MLB franchise
Name either NBA franchise which formerly called San Diego home
What is the team nickname of either of San Diego's two NCAA Division I schools?
Name either college football bowl game played in San Diego in 2016
Name any of the 3 Super Bowl or World Series MVPs born in San Diego
What Olympic gold medal diver was born in El Cajon, a San Diego suburb?
What renowned professional skateboarder, with a series of videogames published by Activision, was born the San Diego suburb of Carlsbad?
Who was the famous McDonald's CEO who later bought the San Diego MLB franchise?
What beloved children's author wrote many of his most famous books while living in San Diego?
What movie stars Tom Cruise as a military pilot training at San Diego's NAS Miramar?
What movie star's Will Ferrell as a San Diego TV newscaster?
What 2000 film follows a young rock journalist from San Diego as he follows a band on tour in the 1970s?
What type of pine grows only along the northern coast of San Diego and is namesake of its most famous golf course?
What fish swims up onto San Diego and nearby beaches during night-time high tides to lay and fertilize their eggs in the sand?

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