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Can you name the Japanese prefectures from their literal English translation?

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Literal English TranslationPrefectureKanji Breakdown
Island of the Fawns
Castle of Thorns
Wishing Well (Lucky Well)
Mountain of Harmonious Song
Blue Forest
Lucky Hills
Island of Virtue
Loving Wisdom
Nourishing Joy
Long Fields
Fragrant River
Horse Chestnut
Island Roots
Eastern Capital
Hand of the Rocks
Quiet Hills
Shape of the Mountain
Troops' Quarters
Mountain Pears
Capital City
Imperial Castle
Forked Road on the Hill
Wide Island
Literal English TranslationPrefectureKanji Breakdown
Round Peninsula
Lucky Island
New Lagoon
Princess of Love
Rope of the Open Sea
A Thousand Leaves
Road to the Northern Sea
Helpful Congratulations
Stony River
Great Wisdom
What is the River of the Gods?
What Joy?
Hilly Mountains
Herd of Horses
Autumn Fields
Origin of the Bear
The Large Part
The Opening of the Mountain
Palace on the Cape
Long Peninsula
Mountain of Wealth
The Great Slope

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