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Synaptic Rich Areas of Brain
Anatomical Direction
Brain Subdivisions
Brain Stem
Limbic System
Cerebral Cortex Lobes
vasculature ____% of blood flow from heart
during exercise may increase to ___ %
astrocyctes: ___% to ___% of energy needs of brain
Oxygen to Glucose Ratio
total # vertebrea
vertebrea: cervical
vertebrea: thoracic
vertebrea: lumbar
vertebrea: sacral
vertebrea: coccygeal
medulla home of ____/_____ cranial nerves
cerebral cortex _____mm thick
# of brain cells of each type
Cerebral Metabolism: Glycolysis
Neurotransmitters: Catecholamines
Noradrenergic Pathway: Locus ceruleus
Serotonergic Pathway: Raphe Nucleus
Cortisol's Function: Stimulates
Spine, Complex Region - Functions
Brain Subdivisions: Telencephalon
Brain Subdivisions: Diencephalon
Brain Stem Contains
Medulla: Sensory & Motor Innervation
Cerebellum: 'Little' brain
Midbrain: Contents
Hypothalamus Projects Into
Hypothalamic Hormones
Pituitary Target Cells
Basal Ganglia: Function
Glial Cells: Function
Neurons: Function
Overview Neuroanatomy: Cell Parts
Overview Neuroanatomy: Neuronal Axon
Overview Neuroanatomy: Synaptic Cleft
Classification of Neurons: Neurite
Neuron Classification: Connection, Information Transmission
Neuronal Shape
Hippocampal Formation
Prefrontal Cortex Controls
Primary Somatosensory Cortex Controls
CN Function: Olfactory
CN Function: Optic
CN Function: Oculomotor
CN Function: Trochlear
CN Function: Trigeminal
CN Function: Abducens
CN Function: Facial
CN Function: Vestibulo-cochlear
CN Function: Glosso-pharyangeal
CN Function: Vagus
CN Function: Accessory
CN Function: Hypoglossal

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