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Can you name the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Charcters?

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Sarah Michelle Gellarslayer
Nicholas Brendonmale best friend
Alyson Hanninganfemale best friend
Anthony Stewart Headwatcher
David Boreanazsexy vamp buffy loves
James Marsterssexy vamp buffy sleeps with (ALOT)
Charisma Carpentersnotty cheerleder who is a main character in angel
Seth Greenwarewolf
Emma Caulfieldex vengance demon
Marc Blucasmember of the initiative, buffy goes out with him
Michelle Trachtenbergbuffy's sister and The Key
Amber Besonwillows 1st lesbian lover
Mark Metcalfevil vampire, responcable for buffy's 1st death
Juliet Landaucrazy vampire. leaves spike for chaos demon
Harry Groenerturns into a giant snake during graduation
Lindsay Crouseleader of the initiative
George Herzbergdemon hybrid made by maggie walsh
Clare Kramerevil phychotic bitch god
Nathan Fillionevil pastor who blinds xander in 1 eye
Adam Buschmember of the trio who kills tara
Danny Stronggive buffy her award at prom. member of trio
Tom Lenkmember of the trio. Kills jonathan
Kristine Sutherlandbuffy's mum who dies of a brain aneurysm
Robia LaMortegiles series 3 love. Angelus kills her
Alexis DenisofBuffy and Faiths watcher after giles is fired
D.B Woodsideprincipal of new sunnydale high. son of a slayer
Mercedes McNabcordelia's friend who becomes a vamp on graduation
Elizabeth Anne Allenwitch who shows willow dark magic
Bailey Chasemember of the initiative who tells riley to go to a hospital
Leonard Robertsmember of the initiative who adam kills
Eliza Dushkuthe 3rd slayer we see. turns evil after killing allan finch
Ken Lernerthe 1st principal who turns into hyena food
Armin Shimermanthe 2nd principal who turns into snake food
Bianca Lawsonthe 2nd slayer we see. dies when drusilla slits her throught
Eric Balfourxanders friend in series 1 who get turned into a vamp
Andrew J. Ferchlandtried to resurect the master after his death. he is a little boy
Saverio Guerraowns a bar and is double crossing
Julia Leewe first see her by this name she also went by lily and anne
Robin Sachsgiles friend who turns him into a demon. he was also behind the band candy
Jason Halllead singer of dingoes ate my baby
K. Todd Freemanhelps the mayor and worked for kikistos
Jack Plotnickdeputy mayor who faith kills
Harris Yulinleader of the watchers council
Fab Filippobuffy's boyfriend
Andy Umbergerleader of the vengance demons
Phina Oruchegiles english girlfriend
Adam Kaufmanbuffy's one night stand
Paige Mosswarewolf
Sharon Fergusonbuffy goes to the desert and this person tells her that death is her gift
Kali Rochaanya's vengance demons friend
Charlie Webberglory's male other half
Amelinda Embrywarren's girlfriend who he kills and tries to frame it on buffy
Sarah Michelle Gellara robot who warren creates for spikes 'needs'
James Charles Learyspikes kitten eating friend, who babysits dawn
Jeff Kobera magic dealer who say that willow tastes of strawberries
Azura Skyecome to willow as the first evil in 'conversations with dead people'
Sarah Haganpotential who goes to sunnydale high. she dies in the final battle
Kirsty Wupotential who speaks cantonese
Iyari Limonpotential who is willows 2nd lesbian lover
Clara Bryantpotential who is killed by caleb. she has a very strong cockney accent
Indigopotential who survived the final battle but was very bably injured
Felicia Daypotential
Mary Wilcherpotential
Diana Ramirezpotential

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