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Can you name the battle moves starting with 'a'?

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EffectBattle MovePower rating
Grass, Restores hp equal to half damage done20
Poison, 10% chance of lowering targets sp. def. by 140
Poison, raises defence by 2
Normal, Raises a random stat by 2
Flying, always strikes target60
Flying, high critical rate 100
Psychic, raises user's speed by 2
Flying, high critical rate55
Flying, 30% chance of making target flinch75
Psychic, raises sp. def. by 2
Rock, 10% chance of lowering all stats on foe60
Water, always attacks first40
EffectBattle MovePower rating
Water, restores hp a little each turn
Water, regular attack90
Fighting, attacks 2-5 times in a row in one turn
Grass, heals status ailments of all ally pokemon in party
Normal, uses a random battle move from one of your pokemon that is not in battle
Dark, double damage if opponent has already taken damage that turn50
Ghost, 30% chance of making target flinch30
Bug, High critical rate90
Normal, 50% chance of making target unable to attack. Only works if opponent is of opposite gender
Fighting, always strikes target90
Ice, 10% chance of lowering target's attack by 165
Ice, double damage if target has received damage that turn60

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