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CluesAnswerOriginal Form
commander of the seas
turn lead to gold
Jamie Foxx: Blame it on the____.
horse food
procedure for calculations
perfume, also the stuff that comes out of a whale's behind
orange plum (second half of a pluot)
english football team, also a weapon supply
political killing
confection, confection, kid's perfection
Alabama: ____ Tide, Washington State: _____ and Gray
long neck animal
green citrus
CluesAnswerOriginal Form
the thing you hit the tennis ball with
africa wildlife tour
what no. 10 is made of, unless it's healthy
it's the chicken of the sea! StarKist, for extra BumbleBeeiness!
keeps you hyper in the morning!!!!!!!!!
a type of no. 19, (begins with m)
if you win a chess game, you say this
strum that string instrument, also called a ____
varnish, comes from trees with the same name
made with goat hair
the green leaf bane of kids everywhere
the language of Kenya

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