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Mrs. Benson's 1st nameiHurt Lewbert
Sam's cat's name
Fred's real nameiMeet Fred
Names of the truckers that beat up LewbertiHurt Lewbert
Mrs. Briggs's first name
Principal Franklin's first nameiHave my principals
The number of the giant lockeriMust have locker ***
Spencer's arch enemyalot of them
The lead singer of The Plain White T'siRue the Day
Mr. Howard's full namenone
Carly's Christmas angel's nameiChristmas
Lewbert's ex-girlfriend's nameiFind Lewbert's lost love
What is Gibby's real name?none
What is Spencer's middle name?none
What is Mandy's real first name & her last name?iWant My Website Back
What is Nevel's pet porcupine's nameiWant My Website Back
What is Fred's dog's name?iMeet Fred
Spencer's biggest heroiHeart Art
Spencer's best friendiWill Date Freddie
Mrs. Dorfman's nameiFence
Sam's mom's namenone
Sam's middle namenone
The beatboxing dude at Carly's schooliGot Detention
Gibby's friend's nameiWin a Date
The dead owner of Carly's favorite pie shopiPie

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