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Can you name the Combined TV show title given the clue that includes information about both parts of the title?

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e.g. Clue: Forensic Detectives in southern Florida work undercover to solve crimes while rocking T-shirts under Armani Jackets. Answer: CSI: Miami Vice
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Bachelors and Bachelorettes ask blind questions of three contestants to determine which one will sit upon the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms
A Time-Lord goes on TV to answer trivia questions with escalating prize money. does the Tardis count for 'phone a friend'?
A time displaced Japanese warrior attempts to find a way back to his own time while disguising himself as the Daring Dragoon to fight against Napoleon on the island of Pulau-Pulau
A 'Mockumentary' style comedy documents the non-traditional relationships of the Keaton family in Columbus, Ohio
The Tanners go on HGTV to look for a new house in San Francisco
The Bunker's go on a Game show where they try to guess the responses to a survey
An Old Bigotted man named Ed who lives in East LA with his latino tennent work for a clandestine espionage and law enforcement agency to solve normal people's spy problems
Contestants compete in cooking show themed challenges to become the Executive Chef aboard the Starship Enterprise
Liz Lemon leaves her writing job to compete for the affection of former Poison front-man, Brett Michaels
Forensic Dr. Mark Sloan and amateur detective / author Jessica Fletcher team up to solve crimes
Detectives Eddie Torres and JC Williams disguise themselves to fight crime and keep tabs on their employees while learning what its like to work at the lower levels
Hosts interview political and economic public figures as they try to avoid Whammies and win prize money

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