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In which Star Trek movie does the crew of the Enterprise go back in time to foil the Borg's plan to destroy Earth's first Warp Drive and prevent contact with Vulcan?
What is the official name of the republic in central africa bordered by Chad and South Sudan to the North and the Ubangi River (a tributary of the Congo River) to the south?
What is the name of the baseball rule in which the batter is called out without a play after a fly ball that remains in the infield with runners on base and less than 2 outs?
What 1993 movie details the struggles of a Uruguayan rugby to stay alive after their plane crashes in the Andes?
What is the name of the back-up group that sings with Tony Orlando and Dawn?
What color jerseys do the Stanford Cardinal wear for home football games?
George Stark et al developed the DNA sequencing techniques known as Western Blotting and Northern Blotting in the 1970's. Who developed the Southern Blotting Technique?
What Russian Novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky centers around three brothers, Dimitri, Ivan and Alexei Karamazov, and their father, Fyodo?r
What is the Official name of the 1968 double album by the Beatles with no graphics and a simple white cover?
What Television show starred Bruce Campbell as a Bounty Hunter in the Wild West and his adventures against the Outlaws who murdered his father, US Marshal Brisco County Sr.?

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