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Can you name the Movies which have had their plot twists removed

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Detective Robert Thorn discovers that the title foodstuff is made from highly nutritious plankton and could solve world hunger
US Marshal Teddy Daniels succesfully tracks down and recaptures escaped mental patient Rachel Solando
Police Arrest Norman Bates and his mother for the murders of Marion Crane and many others
Sgt. Neil Howie tracks down a missing school girl on Summerisle before she can be offered up by the local population as a virginal sacrifice to appease the gods
George Taylor and Nova escape from the Apes thanks to the aid of Zira, Cornelius and Lucius, and ride off to start a new life on this planet far from Earth
The Narrator is forced to kill his sociopath friend Tyler Durden in order to stop him from destroying the infrastructure of society
US Customs Agent Dave Kujan successfully indicts criminal mastermind Kaiser Soze based on the testimony of small time criminal Verbal Kent
Child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe is able to cure Cole Sear of his delusions by forcing him to face the reality that ghosts are not real
Luke Skywalker avenges his father Anakin's death by destroying his murderer, Darth Vader, and aiding his friends Han Solo and Princess Leia in the destruction of the Galactic Empir
News reporter Jedediah Leland discovers the amazing secret identity of 'Rosebud' and writes an award winning article about the secret life of Media Mogul Charles Foster Kane

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