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Can you name the Movie Title made up from the combination of two existing movies given the mashed up description?

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If you watch Jeopardy, you know how this works. e.g. Description: "Rodney Dangerfield returns to his studies to learn to play music from Jack Black" Movie: "Back to School of Rock"
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DescriptionMovie Title
Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson star in this period drama about an alien come to warn humanity of their impending destruction
The search for a rogue Soviet stealth submarine requires the aid of an ameture rocketry enthusiast played by Jake Gyllenhaal
Phileas Fogg attempts to circumnavigate the globe using his amazing NASCAR driving skills
Alan Moore adaptation about a group of literary superheroes who prefer Marilyn Monroe over Jane Russell
Several different interwoven stories are portrayed in this Frank Miller adaptation about a loveable Tramp played by Chalrie Chaplin
Michael Caine and Sean Connery resign from the British army in Kafiristan to go in search of a giant Gorilla living on an island Southwest of Sumatra
A farm boy turned dread pirate tries to rescue his true love from a mad scientist attempting to create a mate for his creation
George Clooney is a jet-setting business man trying to help the president retake his highjacked plane
Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson star in this Spaghetti Western about a pair of rival gangs called the sharks and the jets
Vin Deisel must use his ability to see in the dark to help Martin Lawrence return to his own time from 14th century England

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