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The last word in the latter loops back around to pass its root back to the first word in the latter
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DescriptionWordRoot Carried Forward
A nasal cosmetic surgical procedure, A Nose Job↓ Nose
A large land mammal characterized by large ivory horns↓ Horn
A Cretaceous quadrepedal dinosaur characterized by large horns and a frill↓ Three
A Three legged pedestal typically used to support a camera in photography↓ Foot
A Class of invertebrates including Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish↓ Head
A Cretaceous bipedal dinosaur characterized by a very thick domed skull↓ Thick
An obsolete Order of mammals which included Elephants, Mastadons, Mammoths, and Warthogs↓ Skin
The study of skin↓ Study
The study of the Earth↓ Earth
The lowest point in a satellite's orbit around the Earth↓ Near / Around
An apparatus containing mirrors allowing an observer to see around or over an obstruction↓ Sight
An apparatus containing lenses or mirrors to magnify an image allowing an observer to see farther than otherwise possible↓ Far
An Electronic communication device invented by Alexander Graham Bell which allows two operators to speak with each other accross great distances↓ Sound
A word that sounds the same as another word↓ Same
A word that is spelled and pronounced the same as another word but with a different meaning↓ Name
Of unknown name, Unidentified↓ Without
A State of disorder caused by the absence of all government↓ Rule
A Woman who is the leader of a family or group↓ Mother
The Murder of one's mother↓ Kill
A Chemical used to kill weeds or other unwanted plants↓ Plant
An Animal that feeds on plants↓ Devour
An animal that eats anything↓ Everything
All-Knowing (but not all-powerful)↓ Knowledge
An inner voice guiding behavior famously represented by Jiminy Cricket↓ With
Friendly, Lively and Enjoyable↓ Live
An invasive procedure performed on a living specimen for experimental or informational purposes ↓ Cut
The procedure of cutting into pieces of a specimen for research purposes↓ Asunder
Opposition to the withdrawal of government recognition of an established church, especially the Anglican Church in 19th-century England↓ Against
a Negatively charged subatomic anti-matter particle↓ First
The material comprising the living part of a cell which includes the cytoplasm, nucleus, and other organelles↑ (back to top) ← Shape / Mold

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