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Can you name the String of Movies, Directors and actors that starts and ends with The Godfather?

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The 1972 classic mafia film
Was directed the uncle of Nicolas Cage
Who also directed the 1979 Vietnam war film based on Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness'
Which starred the father of Emilio Estevez
Who also starred in the 2006 crime film based on a Hong Kong crime film
Which was directed by the Oscar winning Italian American New Yorker
Who also directed the 1990 classic mafia film
Which starred the Oscar winning Italian American New Yorker
Who also starred in the 1997 Crime Film based on Elmore Leonard's 'Rum Punch'
Which was directed by this film buff turned Oscar winning writer and director
Who directed the 2009 Revisionist World War II film
Which starred the ex-husband of Jennifer Aniston
Who also starred in the 2001 heist film based on a 1960 Rat Pack film
Directed by the director who does his own cinematography under the pseudonym 'Peter Andrews'
Who also directed the 1998 crime film based on another Elmore Leonard novel
Which starred the leading man who came to prominence on 'ER'
Who also starred in the 2000 Depression-Era comedy based on Homer's 'The Odyssey'
Which was directed by the talented Oscar winning pair
Who directed the 1998 bowling film noir comedy
Which starred the prolific actor with lots of actors in his family, including his brother and father
Who also starred in the 2008 super hero film based on a Marvel comic book
Which was directed by the indie film maker who often appears in his own movies
Who also directed the 2001 crime comedy about two aspiring boxers mixed up in a money laundering scheme
Which starred the comedy actor who starred off type in the Gus Van Sant remake of 'Psycho'
Who also starred in the 2003 screwball comedy with Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson
Which was directed by the comedy director and co-creator of the New York Underground Film Festival
Who also directed the 2004 comedy based on a 1970's TV cop show
Which starred the childhood friend and frequent collaborator of Wes Anderson
Who also starred in the 2001 male-modeling comedy
Which was directed by the son of a famous comedy duo
Who also directed the 2008 war/film making comedy with a White American playing an Australian playing an African American
Which starred the famous Scientologist and husband of Katie Holmes
Who also starred in the 1996 romantic comedy about a sports agent
Which was directed by the writer of 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'
Who also directed the 1989 romantic comedy with a boom box over its head
Which starred the former teen star who now puts his sister in most of his movies
Who also starred in the off the wall 1999 film about being somebody else
Which was directed by the frequent collaborator of Charlie Kaufman
Who also directed the 2002 film about the difficulties of the writer writing the film
Which starred the original Hannibal Lecter (not Anthony Hopkins)
Who also starred in the 2005 drama with tennis based themes
Which was directed by the prolific Jewish comedy writer
Who directed the 1977 Oscar winning comedy
Which starred the actress well remembered for her fashion statements in that movie
Who also starred in the 1972 Classic Mafia Film

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