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Can you name the Movies we have watched together?

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This movie is about two siblings but we never got to finish it.
The first time I ever watched this movie was with you. He loves it when you call him big poppa.
This movie has megan fox and the two times we tried to watch it I fell asleep.
This is paired with pepper.
The creator of Facebook.
This girl received a 'congrats' balloon after having sex.
This surfing movie has heath ledger in it.
A cartoon movie we watched about a man with a scarf trying to steal the moon.
This 3d movie showed an actor who could hit a ball with his dick.
The main character had to learn how to talk without stuttering.
One of the characters has a father who never loved him. haha.
This movie had a lot of cars, alot of crashes, and a lot of guns.
This is you right now. Except not in paris or venice and minus Johnny Depp.
This is when I learned I could take pictures by blinking my eyes and making the noise.

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