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Can you name the pokémon described by these haikus?

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Mostly green except // For two large blue rhombuses // It's a rock-dark type
Spell the name backwards // Then change the 'k' to a 'c' // English word you get
Commonly misspelled // Pretty spooky ball of gas // Hence the missing 'h'
Change the last letter // Then English word means 'lukewarm' // Tail is like a coil
Name when in ALL CAPS // Has all sorts of symmetry // Rainbow Pokémon
Generation III // Based on a salamander // So I herd u liek
One spoon in each hand // Uri Geller sued for this // Claimed a psychic spoof
Weird genetic code // Name has just one consonant // What will it become?
Symbol Pokémon // Twenty-eight varieties // Found where Alph once was
Early episode // Boring battle will ensue // When verses itself
Very, very weak // Just wait for it to evolve // Then it's much better
Faster than a jet // Protector of Altomare // Selfless sure is he
It's a sea otter // Longest water starter name // What's it even mean?
It's egg is seen in // Pokémon Ranger and the // Temple of the Sea
Red wings, blue body // It's pseudo-legendary // Lives atop mountains
Pikachu? Bidoof? // Diglett? Squirtle? Riolu? // Hitmonchan? Mewtwo?
The very first one // Pokémon Wiki namesake // Has nine-letter name
Sleeps very often // Weighs over one thousand pounds // Wakes up just to eat
It has in its name // Q followed by W // Water-poison type
Larger front flippers // Great means of water transport // Can learn human speech

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