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...that has no interstate freeways passing through its capital?
...that has the name of another state in its spelling?
...that has a county with less than 100 people in population?
...that has land in three time zones?
...that has over half of its area inside National Parks?
...that has another state's name in the name of its largest city?
...that has a square flag?
...that has two federal reserve banks in it?
...that has a capital that is over 9000 feet in elevation?
...that has land on both sides of the Mississippi river?
...that contains a past host for both the summer and winter Olympics?
...that gained statehood in September?
...that has more than one 'M' in its name?
...that has only two counties?
...that has land south of the Tropic of Cancer?
...that has experienced a hurricane landfall of category five status?
...that is closer to a U.S. territory than to any other state?
...that has a capital with population fewer than 1000?
...that has experienced a magnitude 9.0+ earthquake?
...that has only straight borders but is concave in shape?

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