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Can you name the people and fictional characters that took arrows in their knees?

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When fighting the Scots in Antrim, he took an arrow in the knee while searching for Sorley Boy MacDonnell. He was Lord President of Munster.
On the Mumen Trail, he was ambushed and took an arrow to his right knee. His name is very similar to that of a Chinese mariner.
He was ambushed by two Sioux warriors, one of which shot an arrow into his knee. He later shot and killed the bowman.
Natives shot an arrow into his left knee as he was fleeing in a canoe. His travels are the subject of a novel by Jonathan Swift.
While he was at war with the Jin Dynasty over Manchuria, he took an arrow in the knee. His son would rule one-fourth the people on Earth.
While attacking an Oneida village, he took many arrows, including one in the knee. 10 Frenchmen and 300 Huron were with him in the military expedition.
Hercules accidentally hit him in the knee with a poisoned arrow.In pain, he willingly gave up his immortality (which he used in exchange for Prometheus' freedom), and was honored in the sky as the constellation Centaurus.
While chasing enemies that fled in the Battle of Hunayn, he took an arrow to the knee. Water flowed from the wound when the arrow was removed; he later died from the wound.

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