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Can you guess the Harry Potter character by their Valentine's day plans? This quiz is about Valentine's day 1997

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I'm *sniff* going out *sniff* with Michael. At least he wont *sniff* ditch me for *sniff* Hermione.
I'll end up evading Cormac while Ron is out with 'Lav-Lav.'
I'm going to try to use Valentine's Day to educate my fellow students on the danger of Nargle infested mistletoe.
Answering my fan mail of course! I'm told that I've won Witch Weekley's Most Charming Smile Award five times in a row. People must be dying to go out with me!
I'll be going out with Dean... Oh well.
My husband has been so busy lately. He couldn't even get the night off. I'll probably try to comfort Tonks.
I am too ill to do much, but Mosag will have our children bring me some food.
I will be avoiding looking at Harry Potter and if Lockhart dares to embarrass me again, he will find his pumpkin juice spiked with veritaserum.
I can't talk now! I'm trying to come up with an excuse for not wearing that dumb necklace to a date I don't want to go on.
Why do I have to spend Valentines day dressed as a little girl!?
I'm just planning on sending an owl to Olympe.
Valentine's Day? I'm planning on pacing outside the Room of Requirement.
My wife and I will be going to dinner at a perfectly normal restaurant.
I'm going to be on a date with my boyfriend. Hopefully he'll wear his My Sweetheart necklace!
Oh. Is it Valentine's day? I forgot. I'll probably be tking care of my Mimbulus Mimbletonia.
I'm going to be working on my mission. I just can't seem to get this to work. Even the mead seems to have failed.
I will be going out to dinner with my husband, but I'll probably just be worrying about our son.
Just trying to cheer myself up. I'll need some tea and sympathy.
I'm going to be badgering Professor Flitwick. There must be *some* way I can get Harry to go out with me!
I'll be dodging questions from that Gryffindor 5th year about entrancing enchantments. I can't believe she still remembers that humiliating Lockhart Valentine's day...

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