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Name the Harry Potter character whose first or last name begins with each letter

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First name of the Hogwarts caretakerA
Magical HistorianB
Friends with the SNEAKC
Runs a Hogsmeade barD
Starts interrogating people about their study habits in OWL yearE
Sends Slughorn hampers of sweets on his birthdayF
Makes her parents think that they are called Wendell and Monica WilkinsG
Her killer wears chains as penance for her deathH
Hogwarts librarianI
Quidditch CommentatorJ
Nearly killed by a necklaceK
Gives Ron a Christmas present that says My SweetheartL
Uncle of Tom RiddleM
Grandmother thinks Charms is a soft optionN
Teased Myrtle about her glassesO
Best Gryffindor Seeker since Charlie WeasleyP
Broke in to Gringotts but stole nothingQ
Fred turned his teddy bear into a spiderR
Collects magical objects and is the second known owner of Hufflepuff's cupS
Fears death above all elseT
Ministry of Magic official who sends dementors after Harry PotterU
Is the director of a firm which makes drillsV
Responsible for several exploding toiletsW
A triwizard champion is seriously offended by a necklace he wearsX
Ministry of Magic Death Eater whose office starts raining in the Deathly HallowsY
Hufflepuff Quidditch capitan and member of the D.A.Z

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