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The 'Family Guy'
Peter's Wife
Who Says 'What the Duece?'
Everyone In The Family Makes Fun Of Her
The Griffin's Pet
Peter's Son
Who Says 'All Right!'
The Handicap Police Man
The Swanson's Baby
Voiced By Jennifer Tilly
He Has His Own Show
Chris' Boss
Killed By Stewie
He Has Wood For A Body
Peter's Co Worker
Upside Down Face
He Does The Weather
Jake Tucker's Dad
Tom Tucker's Co Worker
Cleveland's Ex
Peter's Mean Father In Law
Lois' Mother
It Lives In Chris' Closet
He Comes When Someone Dies
Peter's Enemy
Mayor Of Quohog
Meg's Classmate
Peter Sued Him
Were The Guys Go And Get A Drink
The Bartender At The Clam
Peter's Boss
Brian's Girlfriend
Stewie's Enemy
He Has His Own Pharmacy
He Is In Love With Meg
He Cant Hear
He Loves Kids
He Says 'Oh No!'

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