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How many Quentin Tarantino movies have featured the talent of Samuel L. Jackson?
Who directed True Romance?
What is the name of Robert De Niro's character in 'Jackie Brown'?
Which 'R' is Elle filled with?
What does Ordell Robbie drink?
Who plays the bartender in 'Death Proof'
What does Fabienne get for breakfast?
What was Lawrence Bender's uncredited part in 'Pulp Fiction'?
How many cops did Mr. White kill during the heist?
What card was on Hugo Stiglitz's head?
What was the name of the cop that Mr. Blonde tortured?
What is on the grave that The Bride is buried under?
What Joe Tex song is featured in 'Reservoir Dogs'?
Finish the 'Sin City' quote: 'She doesn't quite chop his head off...'
What does Ted the Bellhop bring the children in 'Four Rooms'?
What is Mickey Knox eating at the beginning of 'Natural Born Killers'?
What is Captain Koons' son's name?
What is the song 'Like a Virgin' about?
Who does Quentin Tarantino play in 'My Best Friends Birthday'?
Who is Alabama's favorite actor?
What is The Wolf's licence plate number?
Who killed O-Ren Ishii's parents?
Who does Joe Cabot resemble?
What is Stuntman Mike's drink?
In two movies, Samuel L. Jackson teases people for not doing something. What did they not do?
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