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Can you name the following things from Majora's Mask?

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There's 10 in Clock Town
2 100 rupee chests and a Mushroom
Hides in a back room
'Belief or disbelief rests with you.'
Tricks Igos du Ikana
Plays LoZ game over theme
Sells you a Heart Piece
Ikana Guardsmen's weakness
A turtle and a blob
The drummer plays music from this game
Found only in 1 pit
They don't like the Ocarina
You don't need water on this day
Apologizes too much
The Pirate leader
He requires 12 hearts
20 rupees off for a song
The sun and moon combined
Mario on his back
It has real tears
The spirit in the Deku Mask
The innkeeper's father
The Indigo-gos manager
Deku prize in treasure chest shop
Black and White and found all over
The mayor of Clock Town
A Hot Spring not in the mountains
Attracted to fire
Your reward for breaking legs

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